Elite Resorts at Salt Springs

Cottage Ownership

Elite Resorts at Salt Springs is now offering the benefits of the resort through the opportunity to own one of our beautiful cottages. These fully furnished cottages are nestled within the trees of the forest, and come equipped with everything you need (sheets, towels, dishes, and basic pots and pans). Additionally, becoming an owner within the park gives you full flexibility and a voice in how the park is run.


Some of the advantages of owning your very own cottage

  • Reservations are never needed. It’s your cottage and it’s always available for you, regardless of season
  • Owning a cottage is pretty much hassle-free compared to a full second house – saving you time, money, and trouble.
  • Owning a cottage gives you a voice in park operations and management, and an additional source of income if you rent your cottage out
  • Elite Resorts at Salt Springs is filled with people just like you! Being a community of like-minded people, as a part of the resort, you will be able forge lasting friendships while enjoying the many amenities and activities
  • Financially, it’s a smart investment in real estate that can provide tax exemptions and high returns
  • You can customize your cottage in almost any way – rearranging, redecorating, painting, or renovating
  • Pride of ownership and protection of their investment assures that you and your neighbors will keep the resort is well-maintained and well-managed. Making it the best possible place for you and your co-owners
Floor Plan A: 1-20, 25-38
Floor Plan B: 21-24
Lakeview Cottages: 1-10,15-24
Standard Cottages: 11-14,25-38

With the purchase of each fully-furnished cottage, you receive 2 parking spots, storage facilities, the opportunity for additional rental income, and a beautiful home within a tranquil lakefront community. Three small pictures of cottages & peopleenjoying them.


Please call us, stop by, or email us at anytime – we are waiting to hear from you!

Sales Information: 1-352-685-1900×107 (5 days a week 10am-4pm) or [email protected]